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Company Overview

FIT Solutions, the leading e-Transformation company, which was established in 1999 and now has the highest number of electronic documents in process, recently announced that it will continue its operations with the brand name Foriba, along with new mergers and acquisitions. Foriba has now closed second round investment of $5 million with the leadership of the world’s largest private sector-focused development agency, World Bank - IFC and Revo Capital and Endeavor Catalyst.

e-Transformation Leader
$20 BN
Transactions / month
26.4 M
Invoices delivered in 2017
Compliant Countries
0.5 BN
UBL Created in 2017

Founded in 1999, focused on SAP consultation

Turkey's First e-Invoice Integration


First Banking Private Integrator with ING Bank -INGeF-

Series A Investment

REVO Capital invested $4 Million in FIT Solutions


FIT Solutions merged with its competitor, one of the biggest market player on TR Market, and announced its new brand name Foriba

Series B Investment

Foriba, has officially completed its Series B investment, led by IFC (International Finance Corporation), a foundation of the World Bank Group, Revo Capital and Endeavor Catalyst 

Milano Office

Foriba has opened an office in Milano, Italy


The family of Foriba come from many different cultures and enrichen our company with their creativity, experience and knowledge. We all might be different but have one thing in common –the Foriba Spirit.

  • Research and Development- Closely monitoring the digital world and being aware of its technological benefits. Foriba provides unique value to develop and discover modern technologies with its research and development activities carried out on regular basis

  • Teamwork- We work cohesively and see each person at Foriba as an important contributor. We reward teamwork, and support each other in providing the best results for our clients. No one on our team is superior to another. We help each other out, in the spirit of personal growth.

  • Excellence- We are committed to excellence in everything we do, from the technology we create to the people who make up our team. With excellence as a guiding principle, we deliver quality results that ensure client satisfaction.

Our vision is to operate in 20 different countries by 2020.


Manages 70% of the entire e-Invoices in Turkey

Leading corporations of the world prefers Foriba in Turkey

Providing services to 80% of Turkey’s largest corporations

Maintaining leading position in e- Transformation market with over 7,200 references

Provides end-to-end e-Transformation solutions for large, midsize and small enterprises, collaborates with thousands of SMEs'

Monthly processing of e-invoices worth of approx. $20 billion .

Foriba Global Solutions
Enüstkat Interactive