Foriba SAP Regulation Cockpit is here for you!

The minister of Economy, Giovanni Tria confirms that ‘As from 1 January 2019, electronic invoicing will constitute a generalized obligation without any extension. Foriba would like to remind you that we are here to help you to have a seamless e-Transformation journey with our global experience. Please, feel free to contact our experts if you require any further information about Italian e-Invoicing.

So it is absolutely necessary to plan and put in place, without delay, all the activities necessary to be ready. Below is a short check-list of the main things to do:

Organization Check List:

Deadline           -              Effective date of obligation 1.1.2019

Training               -           Clients, Employees, Partners

Equipment           -          Software, Hardware (digital signature, SPID, PEC, double monitor PC, etc.)

Assignment           -        Issue of e-invoices
                                            Transmission of e-invoices
                                            Reception of e-invoices
                                            Revenue Agency authenticated reserved area
                                            Conservation in accordance with law
                                            PEC management
Project Management -   Internal alignment and roadmap creation

Collaboration -  Synchronization workshop with legal, finance, IT and management teams